Why your government agency needs a multi-cloud strategy: Take a smart cloud approach

By Ranil Dassanayaka, Vice President Architecture & Solutions Engineering Government, Education & Healthcare Sales at VMware

Public sector organizations have been going through a digital transformation for a number of years now, but over the past 20 months we have seen many accelerate their digital journey. Technological advances around mobility, cloud and cyber have helped government and educational agencies meet the new expectations of employees and voters. From navigating the new world of hybrid remote work to deploying modern apps in record time while bolstering cybersecurity, cloud adoption has enabled these agencies to become more agile and resilient, despite the disruption caused by the pandemic.

Over the past two years, it has become apparent that a single cloud will not provide all the functionality required for any large enterprise environment. Indeed, in a 2020 Forrester Survey of Government IT Leaders, 56% planned to increase the amount of clouds used in their environment over the next 3 years. The multi-cloud is therefore real and growing. It’s no secret that the flexibility that comes with using a multi-cloud approach is great, but it also comes with complexity that can force trade-offs between rapid scaling and risk management. .

Cloud-Smart versus Cloud-First

To address the potential complexity of managing a multi-cloud environment, a multi-cloud strategy should leverage common management tools and services to provide a consistent operating model. Used appropriately, these tools can provide consistent management of applications or services delivered on any cloud service. As a result, your agency can take advantage of the simplicity that comes from working with a single cloud service provider, or CSP, but benefit from the flexibility of multiple providers.

This smart cloud strategy helps organizations eliminate the hard choices and challenges they would otherwise have to make with the limitation of a single CSP.

Not all CSPs are created equal, and there are often strengths that one CSP may have over others in specific areas (technical or operational) like analytics, a vertical market, or security capabilities. To best meet a portfolio of application needs and underlying requirements, the agency is likely to rely on multiple CSPs.

With a common cloud management suite, you can build, run, and manage any application in a multi-cloud environment. It also means you can opt for CSPs that fit your budget or require specific ecosystem components or partners. Plus, you can support all cloud use cases, including migration, disaster recovery, workload mobility, additional capacity, and application modernization.

Consolidated and consistent control

With VMware Cross-Cloud Services, agencies get consistent management, observability, automation, and operations across all clouds—private, hybrid, or public. With this level of control comes the ability to set consistent controls and security policies. Common operating processes, regardless of CSP, private or public cloud, mean simplicity and cost control.

VMware Cross-Cloud Services help agencies find a faster, smarter path to the cloud, giving them the ability to build, run, and better secure applications on any cloud with freedom and flexibility. VMware Cross-Cloud services are made up of five basic elements:

  1. A cutting-edge platform for building and deploying cloud-native applications
  2. Cloud infrastructure for operating and running enterprise applications in private and public clouds
  3. Cloud management to monitor and manage application performance and cost across different clouds
  4. Security and networking spanning the entire multi-cloud operation to connect and better secure all applications
  5. A digital workspace to empower the distributed workforce as well as edge solutions to deploy and manage native edge applications

VMware Cross-Cloud services are available on all major cloud service providers and VCPP partners (AWS, Azure, MilCloud 2, Google, Oracle, IBM Cloud, and VMware verified cloud partners). In addition, VMware Cross-Cloud Services extend branch capabilities, so you can choose the services needed on the desired cloud to meet changing demands.

The last 20 months have not been easy, but with VMware, public sector organizations can navigate our new reality, with modern applications, strong cybersecurity and infrastructure. With VMware, you can now withstand disruption and stay resilient, without complexity or limits.

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