Transforming public services | FutureScot

Service technologies help organizations harness the power of cloud, data, artificial intelligence and IoT in a new wave of public service innovation.

In a brand new conference call from Futurescot, Transform public services will bring together digital leaders as they chart the course for rapidly moving public services from transactional to transformational.

Based on the Scottish National Digital Strategy’s desire to design public services that “work for all of us”, cloud-based technologies are one way to achieve this goal: by “simplifying and automating the processes that underpin services to improve responsiveness and reduce opportunities for things to go wrong.” Whether it’s using an AI assistant – in the form of a chatbot – or using algorithms to analyze patient datasets, it is now recognized that data-driven innovation can bring significant benefits to digitally mature organizations.

We examine how collaboration is key to achieving this goal: nationally in Scotland, innovation agencies are working more than ever with public bodies, academic institutions and industry to maximize the potential of their legacy data with new technological environments and business models.