This Texas government agency has the highest paid employees and they have 27 job openings

According to a recent report by Houston Chronicle, the highest paid employees of a state agency in Texas are primarily those who work for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. Now, as boring as it may sound to some people, we’re talking about jobs here that pay up to $400,000 a year.

That’s a lot to live in Texas. These employees who work for TRS do Much more the average annual salary of your average Joe Texan, and even more than Governor Greg Abbott himself.

Yes, you read that right.

Did we mention that there are currently Jobs at the agency ? 27 open positions to be exact, including some top positions like those on Chron’s highest paid list. An HR internship is also available.

Of course, the rock star salary isn’t guaranteed to you, because some of these jobs are actually highly coveted and require more than just a high school diploma.

For example, the positions of Director of Communications, Senior Applications Officer, and Data Engineer all require previous experience and a related high school diploma. However, the salaries for these openings are yet to be decided, but one would guess it would fetch a pretty penny.

You can also earn close to $50,000 a year handling phone calls from TRS members, and no college degree is required with this one. Most roles are based in Austin, TX, with a few that are actually remote positions, like the aforementioned Telephone Counselor Associate.

Founded in 1937, TRS is a public retirement plan with 676 employees in Texas. With the salaries they pay, we bet working for a retirement company doesn’t seem so boring anymore.