Taiwan Government Agency Shares Recipes Promoting Lithuanian Rum | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A government agency has come up with a guide to cooking with Lithuanian rum after Taiwan bought a shipment of liquor amid a potential Chinese customs block.

In one Facebook post On Monday (January 3), the National Development Council came up with ideas on how to use dark rum in dishes and drinks. Recipes for Ginger Ale, French Toast, Steak, and Chocolate are simple and clear for “home chefs” and feature illustrations.

The graphics seem to be well received by netizens, some of whom have shared their own favorite way of consuming rum. Some like to bake bread with rum raisins, while others recommend the classic dessert bananas fried in rum.

The release follows reports that a shipment of 20,000 bottles of dark rum from Lithuania bound for China was redirected to Taiwan at the request of the exporter, who was concerned about possible customs clearance issues at the Chinese border. . China has imposed a series of sanctions on the Baltic nation, including temporarily block its exports, to punish him for having authorized Taiwan to open a de facto embassy there.

In a show of support, the Ministry of Finance asked state-owned Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTLC) to buy the goods. The shipment is expected to arrive on January 9 and should be available in the market by the end of this month.

Companies such as the Grand Hotel Taipei and liquor distributors have expressed interest in sourcing the spirits, according to Newtalk.

Taiwan government agency shares recipes promoting Lithuanian rum

Taiwan government agency shares recipes promoting Lithuanian rum
Recipes for cooking with rum. (Facebook, NDC pictures)