Scotland Excel powers innovative public services with better data insights

Increase visibility and scalability

Implementing the system allows Scotland Excel to rapidly expand its MI capacity, without adding additional human resources. The volume of data, the number of contracts and the complexity of the task have increased considerably. In fact, a contract has more than 31 million different potential product configurations, which could not have been managed by manual data management processes.

The enhanced IM gives contract owners better visibility into one-time contract spend at the product item level, allowing them to work with suppliers and buyers to ensure contracts are delivering value. This has a positive impact on completeness, quality and timeliness, as contract holders see a direct benefit in starting the data collection process early in the contract.

The MI platform enables Scotland Excel to prove its worth to Scottish local authorities and can confidently promote its contribution to closely managing the spending of public money with external providers. In turn, the level of compliance and transparency will encourage greater use of centrally managed contracts. Scotland Excel can now increase contract and supplier volume for both recurring and recurring spend categories, reducing the burden on procurement organizations of one-on-one advice related to the tender process and supplier management .

“As a trusted partner, Scotland Excel expects DXC to keep us up to date with cutting edge technologies and advise us on how and when the MI solution should evolve with our needs,” says Brannagan.