Public services are at their lowest

The state of our public services in Gloucestershire is at an all time low, just when local people need to be able to rely on them more than ever.

As Conservative Party members spend 2 months choosing our next Prime Minister, the public must try to make do or worse.

• Our Fire and Rescue Service has just been declared faulty and is in “Special Measures”.

• Our local maternity services have also been declared “inadequate” by the Care Quality Commission.

• Gloucestershire Police were also found to be ‘inadequate’ in their latest inspection report published just weeks ago.

• Everyone knows locally that getting a GP appointment anytime soon is nigh on impossible and NHS dentists are as scarce as chicken teeth.

• Our roads are full of potholes and poorly maintained and our libraries have few books or newspapers.

We have had neighbors and older friends left on the ground after falls for over 12 hours in recent months while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

This shameful situation is not due to the fact that public sector workers have suddenly become indifferent or careless. The common thread seems to be that all of these services are run, controlled and managed by the Conservative Party who run the government, our county council and our fire and police services.

Our deputy is silent on all these issues, preferring to deviate with pleasant but meaningless anecdotes.

The people of Stroud need and deserve better now.

Jeanne and Nick Berry

Kenwood Cottage