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PSN is the government’s high performance network, which helps public sector organizations work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

Who we are

We manage the NHPand ensure it is a safe network to use by overseeing the compliance process. We are part of the Central Digital and Data Office and are based in Aldgate, London.

Migration project

the NHP was established over 10 years ago and is now a legacy network.

The Cabinet Office’s Future Networks for Government (FN4G) program encourages and supports organizations to migrate from NHP to modern network solutions because:

  • The internet is suitable for the majority of work done by the public sector
  • the technology and architectural design of the network of the NHP is now obsolete, expensive and difficult to secure
  • organizations should look to modernize their infrastructure to meet the UK government’s Cloud First policy

Our services

Services to support your NHP conformity:

Services to support your operations:

NHP-compliant services

Public sector organizations can access NHP-compliant services on the NHP. Use our list of NHP-compliant services to know the services currently available and the services in the process of becoming NHP-compliant.

Commercial service providers may sell services to public sector organizations on the NHPbut the service must be NHP compliant. Service providers can find out more about becoming a supplier of goods and services to the public sector through the Crown Commercial Service.

Our responsibilities

We are responsible for:

  • oversee and manage NHP compliance process, which creates the right environment to share information and services
  • supervising the essential plant NHP services and supply NHP customers with an escalation point for service issues
  • provide support and guidance to help customers and service providers connect to the NHP
  • provide services and advice to help NHP customers and service providers achieve and maintain NHP conformity

Our priorities

Our priorities are:

  • make compliance a simpler and clearer process for customers and service providers around the world NHP community
  • help customers and service providers work better together to resolve incidents or problems on the NHP
  • work with customers and service providers to help them renew their compliance, taking into account their local circumstances and needs
  • review and develop NHP capacity of the operations center to ensure that it meets user needs


Public Service Network (PSN)

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