PNG Public Services Salaries Budget payroll integrity report ready

A report on the explosion of the civil service salary budget has been produced by an independent accounting firm.

The chairman of the parliamentary select committee on public sector reforms, Garry Juffa, said so during a speech in parliament last week.

He says the government is budgeting between K300m and K500m a year for public salaries, but some of these funds are being wasted, and these are funds that need to be cut and redirected to more urgent areas.

Mr Juffa said the civil service has been one of the areas where the government has allocated huge sums of funding, but there is still very little to show, and more improvements are needed. public service delivery systems.

He said that due to this mismanagement of funds by previous governments since 2014, the Marape government launched in 2020 reviews of the civil service wage bill.

Mr Juffa said that despite these reviews, some elements of the civil service have shown resistance and are not helping as most are comfortable with how they are mismanaging their responsibilities.

He said that the accounting firm-Delloite, is engaged in carrying out the review of the integrity of the payroll and the management of human resources of the public service.

Mr. Juffa said that they have completed the review and drafted a report, which will be presented to the Department of Personnel Management (DPM), to implement the cost reduction measures, which are listed in the report.

Governor Juffa also called on Public Service Minister Joe Sungi to establish a review committee to enforce the recommendations outlined in the report.

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