Philadelphia Police Department showcases new $250 million utility building

After decades of headquarters in Chinatown, the Philadelphia Police Department has a brand new home in a historic building in Spring Garden.

On Thursday, FOX 29’s Jennifer Joyce toured the new Philadelphia Utilities Building.

History is reborn at 400 North Broad Street, the former home of the Philadelphia Inquirer, built in the 1920s. Several historic features remain intact, such as the nod to the Inquirer in what is called the Historic Lobby.

“The building was registered as a historic building in 1996 and as we completed this renovation we needed to maintain the historic integrity of the building,” explained Andrew Brown of Talson Solutions.

Brown, the project manager, says the three-year project cost $252 million.

As you enter the building, you are greeted by a sculpture made up of over 1,400 real police badges and an updated Philadelphia City Seal highlighting inclusivity.

The entire building measures 470,000 square feet and the majority of this space is occupied. There is a call room for the 6th and 9th Police Districts, an executive floor for senior officers, and a multi-purpose room with multimedia equipment that can accommodate over 100 people.

The building also houses the medical examiner’s office with autopsy rooms and labs, central detectives, the Homicide Unit, and the new Shooting Investigation Group or “GIS” headed by Captain John Walker.

Captain Walker says the Homicide Unit and the Shooting Investigations Group share space and share intelligence more easily.

“It used to be that you had to make a phone call, the detective wasn’t there or you didn’t know the person. Now everyone fits together and moves together and that gives us the ability to get things done faster .

Walker says they are already noticing a difference, producing a 25% solve rate on shooting investigations.



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