Maine DOE clarifies difference between school and government agency reporting positive COVID cases

(WABI) – The Maine Department of Education says there has been some confusion from parents about the discrepancy between what a school reports as its number of positive COVID cases and what which is reported for this same school on the DOE and CDC websites.

Maine DOE officials say only positive PCR or rapid antigen tests administered by a medical provider are reported on the CDC and DOE websites.

Positive results from home test kits are treated as “probably positive” and are reported by the school district.

The DOE says this is a more accurate number and an important distinction that parents should be aware of.

“Schools are encouraged to share with their community as a whole where they are at with COVID 19 cases, recognizing that this is information that families may find helpful,” the DOE communications director said. , Kelli Deveaux. “It also reinforces the importance of these strategies that schools have in place and encourages our families to consider implementing these strategies in their day-to-day operations.”

The Department of Education says it is also encouraging parents to call their children’s school to keep up to date with that school’s COVID cases and protocols.

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