Machine learning can improve your public services. Are you ready to take the red pill? • The register

Paid message There is no doubt that machine learning has enormous potential to improve the development, delivery and operation of public services, whether it is providing information on the proliferation of diseases, enabling predictive maintenance or to identify fraud.

It may seem like a complex technology. But while the principles behind machine learning can be daunting, they are nowhere near as daunting as the consequences of making a mistake and generating questionable or even positively harmful results.

So whether your organization is preparing for its first journey with machine learning or has already implemented the technology, it helps to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

And we have something that can help you with that process, in the form of Machine Learning Reloaded, a deep dive into the principles and applications of machine learning in utilities.

This concise yet informative report is part of the Insights series from our friends at global intelligent software specialist Civica, with their latest volume produced in association with the UKRI Center for Doctoral Training in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent Artificial Intelligence (ART-AI ) at the University of Bath.

Machine Learning Reloaded gives you a crash course in the principles of technology, helping you understand what it is, what it isn’t, and what it can potentially do.

It also provides an in-depth look at how machine learning is making a difference across public services, including local government, health and care, government and justice, housing and education.

With the best use cases and explanations of key applications, it will take you directly to a range of other resources showing how public bodies have already put the technology to work.

As well as whetting your appetite, it provides you with a template for planning your own machine learning projects, choosing your data, selecting your tools, and choosing the right staff and partners – all while guiding you through how to do it all ethically and responsibly. .

Civica’s NorthStar Lab has previously led the rule on chatbots and immersive technologies. You can learn more and explore the rest of Civica’s Perspectives series at If you want to know where cutting-edge technology is taking utilities, this is the place to start.