It was Tory austerity that destroyed Britain’s public services | Letters

Simon Jenkins failed to mention one factor in the catastrophic decline of public services: austerity (Brexit and Covid storm clouds have moved – but Britain just doesn’t work anymore, June 5). Have we really forgotten so soon that public service spending was slashed under the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives after 2010?

What did they imagine would happen? The answer, of course, was that at least the Conservatives were captured by a small-state ideology that wants everything to be run by private companies, for profit. Well, good luck with that, and thank God I’m not a Ukrainian refugee.

The same faction is happy for public health services to collapse, as the effect would be lavish profits for the private sector and poorer services for those who cannot afford to go private. Meanwhile, the more people desert the NHS, the less (they hope) public resistance to its demise. This government will probably never reverse this trend. In fact, by cutting the civil service by 90,000 in a desperate attempt to appease his right wing, the Prime Minister is going in the opposite direction. What are they going to privatize next – the police?
Jeremy Cushing

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