Implementation of remote administration for a government agency

Large-scale implementation

A large government agency sought to administer, fix, and improve the ServiceNow platform, including ITSM, HR, Portal, and CDMB. Cask has been able to create over a dozen unique custom applications that support tens of thousands of end users within the organization today.

Prior to working with Cask, the agency’s ServiceNow instance had too many custom features that caused unwanted behavior within the organization. The employees did not have the aptitude to support or improve functionality without unintended consequences.

The agency’s technical debt for custom setups resulted in long and painful support operations as it was difficult to rely on this convoluted code base. Thus, there were too many administrators and not enough governance in place to control the release of production. The organization’s former partner failed to provide adequate support, documentation, and improvement of the issues, which resulted in numerous manual and recurring fixes to get everything working.

Identify recurring problems

Barrel provided remote administrative assistance, implementing strong platform governance policies and procedures to address these issues. This was all done to ensure that only the necessary people have privileged access to agency information and make configuration changes based on ServiceNow Technical Best Practices. Controlling the code promotion process to prevent implementation of undocumented or unapproved configuration changes or features in the production instance has limited potentially degraded service. Additionally, Cask analyzed incidents and requests related to the customer’s ServiceNow instance to identify recurring issues and service improvement opportunities.

A support team has been assigned to our client to help with release management and control of items that have been released to production. A Cask team built metrics around the Platform and apps to track how apps are used across the organization and the number of issues reported by the agency. The support team is currently overseeing the platform by troubleshooting issues and responding to end user queries.

Coordinating with development teams working within the platform to build new features, the support team provides vital governance enforcement, requiring everyone to follow the same process – ensuring that configurations are tested, approved and documented before they can be released to the production area

here to help

The Cask partnership focused on improving customer satisfaction for end users receiving ServiceNow support for this government agency, resulting in increased levels of adoption of the platform and its services to end users. Since the start of work, the number of improvements to existing applications has increased. New and improved dashboards for stakeholders and business executives were also created through this partnership.

the Was The support team continues to work with our customer by updating existing applications and managing instances through clones, upgrades and patches. The team also provides incident troubleshooting and platform administration with a focus on iterative improvements for this vital government agency.