Head of government agency slams unfair pay deal

As reported by Civil Service Worldin a letter to Environment Secretary George Eustice, Sir James Bevan, said Environment Agency workers were ‘in real trouble’ and urged him to push for a pay rise above the maximum of 3% currently proposed.

Cabinet Office guidance on salary payments released in March said public service bodies could offer 2% pay raises, topped up with an additional 1% where they can successfully claim the additional raise will help with staff retention, productivity or job growth. other priorities.

As inflation hits a new 40-year high, we know many PCS members are struggling to cope with soaring prices. Wages have not kept pace with inflation for decades.

For our members in the civil service, and in Defra, of which EA is a part, the situation has worsened in recent years. Wage moderation in the past decade alone means members are missing out on at least £2,800 a year. Civil servants were offered a paltry 2% earlier in the year, which PCS rejected with inflation over 9% and after demanding 10% pay.

If departmental CEOs or permanent secretaries do not publicly stand up for their staff and demand the appropriate pay rise they deserve, then the only option is for staff to publicly voice their displeasure in the upcoming national PCS ballot. .

We saw new members join PCS last week and we expect our numbers to continue to grow as we head towards the launch of our ballot on September 26th.

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