Gujarat Government Agency Trusts Matrix for Communication

Industry: Government agency

Client name: Gujarat Maritime Council

Location: Gandhinagar Gift City, Gujarat


  • Matrix User Terminals – SPARSH Series of IP Expanders
  • Matrix Pure IP UC Solution – One-Piece Unified Communication Server for Modern Enterprises
  • Matrix range of gateways – VoIP gateways, PRI gateways

Company Profile

The GMB was founded in 1982 under the Gujarat Maritime Board Act 1981. The Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) is a government agency of the government of Gujarat, a state of India. It controls, manages and operates a total of 44 minor ports in Gujarat, some with private companies and 10 offices.

From 3% of the total national port traffic handled by the minor ports of Gujarat in 1982-83, they rose to 31% of the total national port traffic in 2016-17. They also handle 71.3% of all minor port traffic in India. In 2018-2019, minor ports in Gujarat handled a total of 542 MMT of cargo.

They are one of the fastest growing government maritime agencies in Gujarat.


As Gujarat’s rapidly and steadily growing government maritime agency, the GMB has decided to develop a new corporate space at the Gandhinagar Gift City. For this reason, they demanded the installation of a solid communication architecture that meets all the needs of a modern company. They needed a solution that gave them a single platform that unified many business essentials. Their main requirements for the proposed solution can be summarized as follows:

  • Business-grade professional communication
  • Hassle-free Workow management
  • Single box solution for multiple networks
  • Seamless communication without wired connectivity
  • Secure Business Connectivity
  • Unified services for better collaboration

The solution

Matrix studied the challenges in depth and designed a custom solution by offering an IP-based UC platform along with IP extensions and gateways. The solution has been designed to be well equipped to manage all business communications from one place. The PRASAR UCS added to the solution suffices for what we need so much – Collaboration, Communication, Messaging and Mobility for any corporate space. The unification of all communication networks and devices gives users the ability to access calls, messaging and voicemail from any of the devices, regardless of location.

Matrix has also kept in mind modern businesses’ search for scalable, sustainable and hybrid solutions in certain areas that offer them a complete solution. They prefer a profitable system on several fronts.

This led to further development of the solution with the addition of gateways, both VoIP and PRI. Finally, the solution has been fully tested by deploying two IP extensions of different levels according to the needs. The IP extensions were chosen with a clear vision of the balance between user convenience and advanced call management.


Matrix successfully understood their communication needs and deployed an IP solution tailored to their needs. This has helped the GMB by facilitating the following communication features:

  • A modern, advanced and user-friendly IP solution
  • Next-generation communication technology for a future-proof investment
  • Call management redefined with over 100 business calling features
  • Unified communication on a single universal platform
  • Workspace collaborations for less wasted time and more productivity
  • Improved manageability with web-based user interface
  • 24/7 emergency-ready business connectivity
  • Increased employee responsiveness for more efficiency
  • Access to new multi-site mobility/remote communication
  • Robust and low-maintenance hardware architecture
  • Minimal downtime software for consistent communication

Products and solutions offered

1. PRASAR UCS hosted on SPARK200

This Matrix IP based unified communications server is a combination of hardware, SPARK200 and PRASAR UCS software. With IP-at-core, PRASAR forms the basis of a voice over IP solution for modern business enterprises that connects internal and external decision makers in multiple locations for effective communication and real-time collaboration, while getting the best using the existing telecom infrastructure.

It is a platform that enables modern businesses to use a single service for various communication mediums such as SMS, email, voicemail, instant messaging, presence sharing, audio-video calls and audio-video conferencing. It offers high-speed, HD-quality audio-video collaboration with multiple units established in different geographies to accelerate organizational growth by bringing employees together anytime, anywhere and providing seamless accessibility to the target business audience.

2. MATRIX series of IP extensions

The SPARSH series of IP extenders are elegantly designed to deliver reliable performance, professional communication quality and efficient call handling. It provides a high quality speakerphone, programmable features and DSS keys, company directory, message waiting lamp, voice mail and an intuitive user interface.

SPARSH VP510E – This premium business IP phone sets the benchmark for quality performance with its sleek design and crystal-clear voice. SPARSH VP510E features a vivid graphic LCD display, softkeys, direct station select (DSS) keys, 32-key expansion module, headset connectivity, full-duplex speakerphone full high quality and high definition audio quality.

SPARSH VP210 – This entry-level SPARSH VP210 Gigabit IP phone redefines the office telephony experience and the quality of professional communications. SPARSH VP210 provides features and functions normally found in high-ends such as 128×64 pixels, backlit graphic LCD, 5-line display, soft keys, full-duplex speakerphone, built-in PoE, a Gigabit Ethernet and a wide range of calls. Management features.

SPARSH VP210 finds its applications in call centers, enterprises, small businesses, branch offices and government sectors.

3. Range of MATRIX gateways:

The future of enterprise connectivity is encapsulated in this line of next-generation solutions – Matrix Media Gateways. This advanced network bridge solution provides interfaces for multiple networks. It can be used with any existing PBX without modifying their existing telephony infrastructure or in standalone mode as well. It works as an add-on and supports flexible routing options, providing significant cost savings and round-the-clock connectivity.

SETU VTEP – The SETU VTEP Multiport VoIP-PRI Gateway supports the PRI protocol and adopts the standard T1/E1 trunk interface and provides a smooth transition by enabling direct call routing between fixed ISDN and cost-effective IP networks to capitalize on the low cost VoIP Telephony. By integrating a VoIP-PRI gateway into existing PBX phone systems, businesses of all sizes can benefit from low-cost VoIP calling and realize substantial cost savings without the high upfront costs associated with communications infrastructure changes associated with migration to VoIP.

SETU visual effects – The SETU VFX series is a range of multi-channel VOIP gateways – FXO and FXS. The VFX series offers 4-8-16-32 FXO/FXS gateways to connect a TDM-based telephony infrastructure to an IP network. For organizations that have already migrated to IP, SETU VoIP Gateways offer a POTS trunking option. Ideal for legacy TDM phone systems, these gateways provide next-generation VoIP access and the benefits of low-cost long distance calling.