GDI Collects Survey Results on Zero Trust Progress of Government Agencies; Matthew McFadden quoted

General dynamics‘ (NYSE: GD) an information technology company has conducted an investigation into the efforts of federal civilian and defense agencies to implement zero-trust cybersecurity policies in accordance with President Biden’s Executive Order of May 2021.

The “Agency Guide to Zero Trust Maturity” study surveyed 300 government officials to assess where their departments stand in achieving the EO Security Goals for the End of Fiscal Year 2024General Dynamics Information Technology said Wednesday.

“This Zero Trust Report shows that federal agencies are making great strides in strengthening their cybersecurity defenses,” said Matthew McFaddenVice President of Cyber ​​at GDI.

According to the EO, the core principles of Zero Trust should be applied across an agency or enterprise and should be uniformly accepted and promoted by senior executives and IT stakeholders, McFadden continued. This will enable “cyber resilience and support the mission of the organization”.

Some of the survey findings were that a majority (63%) of respondents believe their agencies will meet the 2024 requirements targets or be ahead of schedule; an overwhelming majority (92%) strongly believe their agency has the ability to defend against cyberattacks; and a large portion of respondents have a formal zero trust policy in place (76%) with a smaller but still majority amount (52%) in the implementation phase.

However, GDI found that some agency officials harbor doubts and concerns for the remaining year and a half of reforms.

More than half of respondents (58%) believed that an impending hurdle to overcome was the rebuilding or outright replacement of existing existing infrastructure. 50% of respondents said they struggled to understand the technology they need to use and just under half of respondents (48%) said they did not trust the expertise of their agency’s IT staff to provide the necessary changes.

“Agencies know they can’t rely on zero trust, so they have to decide whether to rebuild or replace systems. This requires additional expense on top of investing in zero trust. Agencies have to make tough decisions,” Jean-Salindirector of cyber solutions for the defense division of GDI, elaborated.

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