ED’s public profile has changed in Modi government, agency has four times more staff and budget SEXI News

ED’s public profile changed in Modi government, agency has four times more staff and budget

The Law Enforcement Directorate (ED) has become a hot political topic for the opposition in India these days. Other reasons are also valid. Those who have been masters of these investigative agencies are well aware that they can be very useful in seeking political revenge against the government in power.

Although there is a lot of heat in political circles about the hard-line action of the ED, which its victims accuse of spreading ‘terror raj’, but experienced eyes will note that the Narendra Modi government has established a strong link between the interests of political, commercial and industrial interests. The connection and willingness to manipulate for these two powerful forces broke the backbone of the bureaucracy.

The law in New Delhi and all Indian states stated that “people who live in glass houses never throw stones”. But Prime Minister Modi has raised the hive by using laws available to the government against financial irregularities and corruption to weaken the opposition, which draws its strength from public support and does not depend on its own party, the BJP.

“The difference now is that we are acting on information,” an emergency worker said bluntly.

Now ED’s teeth are sharper, CBI surprised

The controversial Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) rules were notified on July 1, 2005, when the UPA government led by Manmohan Singh was in power. It shows that all governments love strict laws, not just the Modi government. The Glass House Law was a secret system. So from 2005 to 2014, the PML and its firepower were there, but they weren’t used the way they are now. Recent Supreme Court Rulings Justifying Stricter Sections of the PMLA Verdict This reinforced the actions of the ED, it was instead decided that this law would continue without change.

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Opposition parties against ED’s actions joint statement Said: “We will intensify our fight against the anti-people policies of the Modi government.” However, DE’s “selective approach” goes beyond simple criticism. The truth of the opposition’s allegation that the government is using ED and CBI for the political agenda is entirely correct, but it is also true that not all cases raised by the agencies these days are weak . of Kolkata, an aide to Trinamool Congress leader Partha Chatterjee. found at home ED’s action with money was not considered “anti-people”. Instead, there was surprise and shock. A Bengali camper innocently asked a TV reporter: “It’s public money. But why didn’t she (Arpita Mukherjee) spend?

Many elderly people at CBI headquarters lament that the ED paid Rs 50 crore in the Partha Chatterjee bribery case. Cash, jewellery, property and bank accounts over Rs. CCR Based on the registered case of. It is not just institutional competition but a series of actions and inactions that bother them. The Kolkata High Court Division Bench had ordered the CBI to register a case of irregularities in the appointment of teachers.

The FIR has been registered and the investigation has begun. When the question of Partha Chatterjee’s involvement emerged, he was interviewed three times by the CBI. After each interrogation, he was released. Not always, but generally, the CBI searches homes and offices immediately after an FIR is registered. But in this case, it was not done. Questions are asked to find out if there was an error.

Moreover, while investigating such a major case in which the court-appointed committee uncovered huge irregularities, the DIG of CBI in Kolkata, Akhilesh Kumar Singh, was transferred on June 29, 2022 to the research office from Delhi. But on July 22, the country was rocked by photos of the ED confiscating wads of cash from Arpita Mukherjee’s apartment. It shook the politics of West Bengal and raised the fear of ED like never before.

‘number of offences’

There is no doubt that the PMLA is a chilling law, in which the burden of proving innocence rests with the accused. Again, the ED has stricter powers than the CBI. He can not only seize the property of the suspect involved in financial irregularities, but can also raid the suspect who received the crime money.

Currently the most used and misused PMLA flow Pursuant to paragraph 2(1)(u), “offence proceeds” means “any property found or acquired directly or indirectly by a person as a result of criminal activity relating to the recorded offense or value of these assets. This means that suppose, if there is a murder incident, and during the investigation, money transactions are detected, then the ED can also intervene in this case.

The Supreme Court, in its recent order, stated that it was not necessary to file a Law Enforcement Information Report (LIR) before even initiating formal proceedings against a person tried under of the PMLA. The ED can take action against anyone they believe is related to the “crime amount”.

Former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram experienced the power of this law once in his tenure (2012-14). ED officer Rajeshwar Singh requested his son Karti Chidambaram’s tax return. The request was legal and Singh got it. So far, Rahul Gandhi has spent 50 hours in five days and Sonia Gandhi has spent 12 hours in three days in the emergency room interviewing the National Herald case. this is the new ed

The ED no longer works with a small number of staff. Now he has four times as many officers and a larger budget. ED also went digital a long time ago. APJ in New Delhi Several experts in the field sit in the newly created law enforcement directorate on Abdul Kalam Road. They sift through thousands of data and files and only find fictitious companies on paper. ED’s top team specializes in tracking down money earned through financial irregularities. Parvartan Bhawan is fitted with the most modern furnishings. So far, the conviction rate for emergency cases is so bad it cannot be forgiven, but the rate may improve if “political interference” does not intervene. Currently, the ED is headed by Sanjay Kumar Mishra of the Indian Revenue Service, known for his expertise in international finance and taxation. He headed the Department of Foreign Taxation at the Ministry of Finance. He is recognized for his fine management of cases of violation of income tax rules. They are strict about work and get to the bottom of things.

In November 2021, the department was not surprised when the Modi government issued an order to grant him a one-year extension. His second extension was so politically significant that it was challenged in the Supreme Court by eight petitioners.
Vivek Wadekar (batch 1991) is the special director of ED. They are also tax specialists.

A retired ED officer says that for the past two decades lawmakers and lawbreakers have known about the PMLA and the power of its impact. But the public profile of ED has changed under the Modi government. Now, the ED doesn’t mean it “only investigates exchange violation cases.”

Whenever the CBI registers an FIR, the ED can enter any CBI cases in which monetary transactions have taken place. Both Partha Chatterjee and Sanjay Raut are charged with currency transactions (inside the country), which may or may not be violations of the Foreign Exchange Act, but under the PMLA these matters fall under the ED. There are 32 such statutes and many other sections, which the CBI uses in its FIR, so naturally the ED can take notice and take up the case. As it did in the case of Partha Chatterjee.

ED Chief Subhash Agarwal’s local office in Kolkata has its own intelligence system, which traced the money and caught the big fish. Now, Aadhar card, PAN card, tax declaration and buying and selling of property and shares are linked and less complicated than before.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen when the CBI will register a disproportionate assets case against Partha Chatterjee. Remember the disproportionate assets case against Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav that saved the Congress-led UPA government in 2008?

Sheela Bhatt is a veteran journalist based in Delhi. thoughts are personal

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