Democratizing public services – RLS-NYC

As the Green New Deal framework has taken off, many efforts have attempted to envision the world of the Green New Deal. This has prompted a multitude of new thinking about public ownership. Campaigns have sprung up around the world, seeing public ownership as the path to the future of the Green New Deal. However, public ownership alone is not enough; it must be democratic, accountable and resilient. Much has been written about how to achieve public ownership, but much less has been articulated about what it looks like once public ownership is achieved. These very real questions of democracy and governance are not easy, but they are necessary.

Anne Le Strat and Mike Menser have dedicated their careers to reflecting on this subject. Although they have different experiences and goals, they came together for this. They try to define the key principles necessary for successful democratized public services to become a reality.

This document is intended to stimulate further conversation in this space. As movements continue to fight for economic, social, climate and ecological justice, there is an urgent need for more creative, nuanced and in-depth conversations. It is for this reason and in this spirit that this piece was written.