Corrupt bureaucracy hampers performance of public services: Mahfud

The spirit of collaboration must continue to be strengthened to accelerate integration into public services in the general system or aspects of work culture

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Corruption in the bureaucracy constitutes an obstacle to the performance of public services which must be avoided by all means, according to Mahfud MD, Acting Minister of State Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform.

“Our old bureaucratic culture is about getting pleasure out of residents’ hardships. If a resident asks for a service, they are told to wait, then come back in two days, and two days later (the service) is not yet done. However, when they receive a bribe, they complete the task quickly. This is a corrupt bureaucracy that hinders public service, even if a country is founded to serve the people instead of be served,” Mahfud said in his press release here on Saturday.

The Acting Minister’s statement was made while officiating Public Service Malls (MPPs) in four towns and districts in South Sulawesi on Friday, August 19.

Mahfud, who simultaneously served as Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, then reminded the state apparatus that he was at the service of the people who should not expect to be served by him.

Mahfud said cross-sector government agencies from central and regional authorities, private sector and non-governmental organizations have clustered in the malls to showcase convenient, fast, secure and convenient public service.

“The spirit of collaboration must continue to be strengthened to accelerate integration into public services in aspects of the general system or work culture,” he said.

Competent authorities should also play an active role in realizing simple and integrated bureaucracy in shopping malls, the acting minister noted.

“The roles of public service providers and leaders are key to initiating a work culture of collaborative governance to reduce sector selfishness. This collaboration can encourage innovation and modernization in the utility sector to meet the expectations of residents,” noted Mahfud.

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