A short guide to Croatian public services and institutions

Photo: Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

June 27, 2022 – You see them on the street, you see them on your bills and you hear them on the phone. Who is who among Croatian public services and institutions? We’ll tell you more in this little guide.

If moving to Croatia is part of your short-term plans, or even if you are already in the adaptation phase, you may have heard of or been in contact with one of these institutions. These Croatian public services and institutions will be part of your everyday life here, and it is true that sometimes it can be a bit confusing trying to tell them apart.

In this short guide, we have listed some of the Croatian public services and institutions that you will most often come into contact with, and we hope this will help you when you do not know where to turn for a certain task, or when it’s time to do your accounts at home.


If you are working to obtain your residency or citizenship in Croatia, you have most likely visited a local MUP office. It’s also likely that they called you on the phone or wrote you an email or two. The MUP is the Ministry of the Interior and it provides services to locals and foreigners. At the MUP, you will also complete the formalities to obtain your passport, driving license, Croatian identity card, etc.


HZZO is the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, it is part of the Ministry of Health and includes everything related to public health insurance services in the country. As you well know, public health insurance is compulsory if you reside in Croatia. If you wish to register with the Croatian public health system, you must visit the HZZO offices in your city of residence. You can also find out everything about your health coverage, register with a family doctor, etc.


HZZ is the Croatian Employment Office, and it is used to report your current employment status, whether you have found a job or do not currently have one. At the Pôle Emploi, you can also find job offers that match your skills.


The Croatian Pension Insurance Institute (HZMO) is a public institution dedicated to the implementation of compulsory pension insurance based on generational solidarity (1st pillar of pension insurance) and the procedure for opening rights to family allowances.

Porezna uprava

Porezna uprava is the Croatian tax administration, and it is a unique and independent administrative organization within the Ministry of Finance whose fundamental task is the application and supervision of tax regulations and laws on the collection of contributions. Most of your invoices will be issued by Porezna uprava. They will also issue you tax refunds.


FINA, the financial agency, is a leading Croatian company in the field of providing financial and electronic services. Although state-owned, Fina operates exclusively on a market basis and cooperates with banks, the Croatian National Bank, many commercial systems and other similar entities. A multitude of payments can be paid at their offices.

Hrvatska Posta

Hrvatska Posta is Croatian Post, and it has locations in every city and town across the country. In addition to being the place where you can send letters and parcels throughout the country and even abroad, it is also the place where you can pay for your telephone, your electricity, your water, your insurance disease, etc.


A public company, HEP is the Croatian electricity company and it is the only energy entity authorized to provide public electricity supply in the Republic of Croatia. It also carries out the activities of electricity production and heat production for central heating systems, as well as the management, maintenance, construction and development of the electricity distribution network.


Hrvatske autoceste or Croatian Motorways Ltd is a Croatian state-owned limited liability company responsible for the management, construction and maintenance of motorways in Croatia.


The Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) carries out the activity of providing public broadcasting services. On their radio and television channels, they are dedicated to broadcasting news, information, culture and other related content. Even if you don’t watch their channels or listen to their radio stations, an 80 kuna bill from HRT will still arrive at your doorstep.

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