The Qur’an and the Bible by Ahmet Tomor

The Qur’an and the Bible

By Ahmet Tomor

  • Release Date: 2010-10-24
  • Genre: Islam
Score: 3.5
From 29 Ratings
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In fact, the struggle between right and wrong, which began with Adam and Satan, still continues globally. If this is so, how do humans reach the True Religion by overcoming perverted beliefs?


  • Biblical Christianity is the one true faith

    By SonofThunder79
    The Bible is the word of God; the Quran like all other false religions is the word of Satan. Jesus Christ claimed to be the one and only way to God the Father. He was exclusive about this. All four Gospels present Jesus as the only saviour of the world as he is the only person in history who died for our sins. Muhammed didn't die for you; he is useless as he is dead, while Jesus rose to life after his crucifixion and stands at the right hand of God. Christians are only exclusive because they trust in the words of Christ who claimed to be the one and only way of salvation. This is not a question of arrogance; it's a question of truth. Either Jesus was and is the Son of God, as he said he was or he was lying. Not all religions can be true at the same time; they are all incompatible with one another to the degree that if one is true then only one can be true; rendering the others false. The same goes for atheism. If atheism were true then every religion in the world is wrong. If Christianity is true then atheism and all other religions are wrong; you can't have it both ways. This is why everyone is dogmatic and exclusive because everyone has beliefs that contradict and are incompatible with other beliefs. There's nothing wrong with being dogmatic just be dogmatic about the right thing; trust in Jesus who claimed to be THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER. AMEN!!!
  • Misleading tittle

    By Jas107
    The correct tittle should be: why this author thinks one religion is better than another. As usual a Christian leaves a useless comment below mine using the threat of hell on the author. I myself am a atheist and hoped for a book that the title led me to believe. I am sorry but this book is now removed from my devices
  • Ismaeel Safdar

    By Ismaeel safdar
  • Christianty

    What are you saying is wrong bible books and evidence were thrown in the red sea and the alexandria libray in alexandria egypt were burned before as you know you can search about it because there were some evidence and christian books it have been burned and yet christianty is real if u want to know simply ask god trully from your heart to tell you the truth and see what god is . Pray cause you dont know what time the son of god will come and every single human being is going to take as much as he did in his life god jesus exists but if u only asked frim your heart he might change your life forever and also there is hell and there is paradise hell is yet the most horrible thing more than your worst nightmares its with levels and god said the ones who lie and steal , murders and the ones who sleeps with women and get drunk and gay and these stuff wont go to paradise and in one night when god comes and this true when he comes will attach or kidnap souls from earth and the who is stayed will be doomed forever forever !! Abd the ones he have taken will be with him in paradise christianty is right you choose books in front of you it is your choice rest forever in paradise or doomed in hell with all your sins you decide !!
  • Not what I was expecting.

    By Martin-1959
    Was expecting more of a comparison, but all this book does is explain why the Christian Bible is wrong and the Qur'an is right; if this book does anything, it provides a good example of why there is so much conflict between the two faiths.